ALLY Foundation Achievements

The ALLY Foundation has achieved remarkable results in the past ten years.  Our efforts to date have focused largely on policy initiatives and raising public awareness, particularly among practitioners, criminal justice stakeholders, and policy makers.  One of our most meaningful successes was assisting with the passage of Bill 1005, The Sexually Dangerous Commitment Law in Massachusetts.  With this one change in the law in Massachusetts we have had the opportunity to affect countless men, women and children and undoubtedly save lives.

The ALLY Foundation has been a regular participant, contributor and keynote presenter in countless state and national Association for the Treatment of Sex Abusers (ATSA) conferences, authored numerous articles and policy papers, has been invited by members of the State Legislature to consult on the content of an Omnibus Sex Offender Bill, and was included the White House for the signing of The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, in which Ally was named, and presented subsequent legislative briefings on the barriers to the implementation of the Adam Walsh Act. 


Preventing Sexual Violence Through Science and Innovation
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