Mission, Vision & Values


The mission of the ALLY Foundation is to be an innovative and culture changing force to prevent sexual abuse by advocating for rigorous fact-based research, analysis and practices to significantly improve lives and develop a safe society. 


The vision of the ALLY Foundation is to be recognized as the sexual violence organization of choice in the United States by working to end sexual violence by educating the public and advocating for necessary changes in culture: where information creates more intelligently safe communities and policies help the public and private sector improve the well being of individuals, children and families.  


  • We consistently engage in genuine respect for, and civility toward, others.
  • We rely on rigorously vetted research and the empirical knowledge of experts in all related fields.
  • We invest in outstanding people.
  • We seek the most effective allocation of precious resources, human and fiscal.
  • We believe that all "change" does not equal progress.
  • We examine the problem of sexual violence through a wide lens, with an ecosystem perspective that is inclusive of a broad array of factors.
  • We remain non-ideological and apolitical.
  • We promote collaboration.
  • We focus on impact, prioritizing solving the most important problems and requiring ongoing evaluation.
  • We believe it is critical to “get out of your own pool”, and are open to finding solutions in other industries.
Preventing Sexual Violence Through Science and Innovation
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