Innovating Solutions

The ALLY Foundation works to prevent sexual violence by advancing evidence-based research, best practices, education, prevention and awareness.

The ALLY Foundation will highlight the need for research to establish best practices to prevent sexual violence, and catalyze innovation and informed responses to this complex problem. Addressing sexual violence, from primary prevention through management in the community will lead to new insights and understandings about human safety and sexual violence.

The ALLY Foundation promotes and informs innovative solutions to addressing sexual violence in the United States.

The ALLY Foundation will advocate for resources to inform the public, practitioners, and policymakers of new directions in the movement to end sexual violence and specific programming and interventions that are transformative and show meaningful outcomes.  

The ALLY Foundation is committed to forging new partnerships, examining the potential of technology in ending sexual violence and the working with the scientific community about possible links between neuroscience and violence.

Preventing Sexual Violence Through Science and Innovation
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